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What are Online Bookmaker Site Alternative links or Mirror Sites?

In some countries, local governments don’t allow for bookmakers to operate in that territory, usually, because said providers don’t hold a national license. A mirror site is created in order to provide access to potential customers in these territories, where web addresses would normally be obscured and unavailable for access. In other cases, a bookmaker may decide to create a mirror site in order to alleviate the stresses of web traffic on the original site itself improving overall availability to its users.

Bonuses of the Best Betting Sites in the World

Using alternative mirror websites for access to online bookmakers not only negates any issues of censorship and accessibility, but it also allows you to capitalise on sign-up bonuses and perks provided by certain operators. As a general rule, the best bonuses are often reserved for new customers to a certain operator. You’ll usually find these in the form of matched deposit bonuses where your initial allowance is doubled or even tripled, giving you much more wagering potential.

You’ll also find many online sportsbook providers offering lucrative rewards whenever major sporting events are being held. These events are usually on the level of the FIFA World Cup or Olympic Game. While new customers to individual providers will, of course, find lucrative sign-up bonuses at these times, there’s plenty of additional perks for existing customers, with enhanced odds and regular promotions providing everyone with improved betting potential and much more impressive returns.
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Countries with Restrictions to Betting Sites

You’ll usually find restrictions on betting site access, rather than outright blocks on access, in countries where individual regions and territories within the country have different rules and regulations when it comes to online sports betting. When it comes to placing sports bets in these countries, looking into bookmakers mirrors sites is generally the best option.

Why countries block the access to online bookmakers?

Many countries block access to gambling websites and online bookmakers outright. These include Russia, Bahrain, Cuba, China, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Indonesia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania. Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, Sudan and many more countries also block access to online bookmakers. In countries where gambling is only allowable in certain territories within the same country, access online is incredibly difficult, but not impossible.

What is the situation with sports betting in India

India is an incredibly large country with a massive population. While gambling and sports betting is very popular in this country, the act of sports betting itself is technically illegal in almost every form. There are of course exceptions, but as a general rule, regulated gambling and legalised betting is prohibited. This is certainly the case when it comes to online betting. When it comes to understanding gambling legislation in India, it’s best to refer to the Public Gaming Act of 1867. This act of legislation originally applied to states under control of the British Empire at the time, however, the act was later amended to include other states within the country. Further amendments have since been made and the rules laid out in this legislation are still technically in force today, despite the Public Gaming Act being more than a century old.

What is the situation with sports betting in Kenya

The East African nation of Kenya is home to several popular sports and sporting teams, so it should come as little surprise that sports betting is a keen pastime here. The standard of living is also relatively high for an African country, meaning there’s more disposable income for individuals to stake on sports betting. Sports betting in Kenya is relatively relaxed and online sports betting is incredibly accessible. Currently, there are dozens of live sports betting operators to choose from and regulation has remained relatively relaxed since 2013 with the introduction of the Betting Control and Licensing Board. Many foreign companies also provide Kenyan citizens with the ability to place sports bets online. Although this is not explicitly allowable by Kenyan law, there are likewise no regulations aggressively prohibiting it either.

 What is the situation with sports betting in Nigeria

Although several forms of gambling are outlawed in Nigeria, online sports betting is allowable. Sports and live betting is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, with several popular online destinations drawing hundreds of thousands of customers. In addition to popular games like football, other events like tennis, rugby and darts prove a popular gambit for customers. Mobile gaming is also incredibly popular here, with an increasingly proficient mobile browsing infrastructure encouraging particular growth in this market.

What is the situation with sports betting in the USA

In the USA, the situation with sports betting is a relatively complex one. Sports betting falls under the same rules and regulations as general gambling schemes, with only a select few states able to legally operate betting schemes. While online sports betting is relatively more relaxed than conventional forms of gambling, in theory it is only possible to place a bet ons sporting events in states including Delaware, Montana, Oregon and Nevada. However, it looks likely that the advent of online sports betting will see a general relaxation of restrictions across the country, despite much objection from Americans.

What is the situation with sports betting in Russia

Since 2009, gambling and betting on sporting events in Russia has been considerably restricted. There are only four regions within Russia where gambling is allowable at all. These regions are Krasnodar, Primorsky, Kaliningrad and Altai. Regulation and licensing make it incredibly difficult for operators to function within Russia, with strict rules placed upon individual providers making it a costly endeavour to operate. However, sports betting is still allowable in these limited number of territories and mirror sites make it an accessible pastime for those looking to enjoy a punt on the outcome of football and other popular sporting events.

What is the situation with sports betting in Canada

In the past, Canada’s gambling laws and legislation on sports betting was very strict. However, things were alleviated considerably during the 1970s and the world of sports betting became a more accessible field. Reforms to gambling legislation allowed the individual provinces of Canada to decide their own rules and regulations, similar to how gambling is approached in the United States. Online sports betting and online gambling, in general, is relatively easy in Canada. As long as a gambling site or sports betting operator is based within Canada or a Canadian territory, and of course, approved by the government of Canada, things legally allowable. However, things become more complicated if the operator is based overseas, even if it is intended for sole access to Canadian citizens. If you intend to place sports bets online while based in Canada, it’s imperative you’re clear on the specifics of the provider you’re staking your bets with.

What is the situation with sports betting in Australia

The Gambling Act of 2001 governs the field of sports betting and online gaming in Australia. Although it is illegal for Australian companies to provide gambling services to citizens of this country, the rules concerning lotteries and sports betting are generally more relaxed. Both local governments and central government authorities oversee gambling and sports betting providers, making it illegal for Australian citizens to place bets using gambling sites based overseas. Tough regulation is still applied to those providers allowed to operate within Australia, with strict rules in place to ensure that operators encourage the setting of financial limits for customers. This negates individual customers running into financial hardships by betting more than they can afford.

Is it Safe and Legal to Use Alternative Links?

It is completely legal to use a mirror site. Although individual laws exist that might prohibit online gambling in certain territories, the simple act of accessing such a site via a mirror site or alternative link is completely allowable and doesn’t place the user in any hot water. There should also be no concern about online safety when accessing a website via a mirror site or alternative link. Regardless of why a mirror site has been created to provide access, the provider still maintains a high degree of online security for its customers, meaning there’s no need to worry about risks to your computer or device, or your finances.

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When Should I Use An Alternative Link?

You should look to use an alternative link or mirror site whenever the official URL of a provider can’t be accessed, whether that be due to local censorship, or the simple fact that a high number of users has rendered a website inaccessible. The latter instance can happen when popular sporting events are being carried out, encouraging a higher than normal number of users looking to enjoy a punt on gaming events and sports betting. You may also need to use an alternative link during peak hours of sports betting activity, when high traffic volumes might render a provider inaccessible.

What is Better - Mirror Site or VPN Software for Online Casinos?

There is no real difference in terms of perks and benefits between a mirror site and VPN software for online casino links. Generally speaking, a mirror site may be the best option when looking to access a provider online as you’re simply accessing a URL, as opposed to intentionally masking your true IP address in order to access a website. Using a mirror site negates any issues of legality and ultimately, is the most hassle-free of the two options.

What is the Difference Between a Mirror Site and a Localized Site?

There’s no major difference superficially between a mirror site and a localised one. A localised website will allow you regular access with no restrictions, allowing you to simply enter a URL, press enter and continue on as you normally would. A mirror site is a replica of the original site, providing improved availability and accessibility in times of high network traffic or speed issues that might hamper the performance of the original website.

Alternative Links for Esport Betting Sites

If you’re having trouble accessing an original URL for sports betting endeavours, it’s best to use a mirror website. Regardless of your need for bookmakers mirrors sites, be it speed or accessibility issues due to network problems, or the fact you’re in a restricted territory, it’s easy to find a mirror site URL with a simple search query online.

There are several options for accessing mirror websites. You can look for lists of websites to enter a simple URL for access, or instead take alternative routes. There are numerous options available to you if you wish to use browser add-ons and additional software to find mirror links, saving you the hassle of an arduous search for URLs. You can also opt to use VPN software for convenient access to restricted URLs when you’re based in certain territories. Whether you opt for a search of specific URLs or use additional tools, mirror website alternatives always provide you with a convenient way to enjoy online sports betting with no restrictions.