Access To Sky Poker Website - Working Alternative Link

If you are looking for a mirror site or an alternative link to Sky Poker, or Sky Vegas Casino for that matter, you won’t be able to find one. Instead, take a look at 1Xbet. In their casino, you can access live poker. 1xbet will accept players from most countries in the world. They have a live casino offering Hold’em poker. A quick search will produce many mirrors and alternative links to 1xbet.

Sky Poker Freerolls, Bonuses and Offers Via a Mirror Site – Bonus Codes

Sky Poker offers quite a number of giveaways. In any on-line poker room, these giveaways can make a huge difference to your bankroll, so a close examination of what is available is always worth your time.

If you are new to Sky Poker you will get of tournament tokens absolutely free without having to make a deposit. The tokens can only be used in multi-table cashless tournaments. Sky will also match your first deposit by -, up to a maximum of .

The rewards section is where to look for the bonuses that Sky Poker offer. It’s all about collecting points. They are only awarded for real money games, for every £1 you place in the pot you will be rewarded with 6 poker points. Jump Start will boost your points by 100% if there are three players or less at the table, this only applies to Sky’s 6-max cash tables.

The number of poker points you collect will place you somewhere in the loyalty rankings, which consists of six levels. The more points you collect the higher will be your level. Once you have fifty points or more you can apply to enter a £1k Monday to Friday nightly freeroll. 100 to 499 points will get you a £2.30 tournament token. Break the 500 points barrier and you will be rewarded with money, so much per point on an ascending scale. The points system works by using your total from the previous week. If you are a prolific player you may qualify for the priority rewards on offer. Then you will start to receive a percentage of Rakeback. This is in addition to the weekly rewards available.

No Deposit Bonus
Available in:
No Deposit Bonus

Sky Poker Mobile App Review

Sky poker offers a mobile app, so wherever you are you can enjoy playing your favourite poker games. The app is available for phones using the Android or iOS operating systems. If you want to download the android version you can’t download it directly from the Play Store, only from the Sky Poker site or a third party app host, you will need to open an account with sky if you don’t already have one. Once installed you can begin to play.

There are some differences to the main site, you can only play on one table (Sky say multi-tables will be available soon) and there is no sound. All the other features are similar. You will have to allow the app to access your location; Sky says this is in order to ensure the app is only used where it is legal. If you don’t want to receive marketing messages you have to opt out of them by sending a text.

Sky Poker
No Poker rake
No Rake Back

Sky Poker Rake & Rakeback Availability

Every player likes to receive a Rakeback and Sky poker is no different to most online poker rooms in realising the importance of offering Rakeback to its’ customers. To get any Rakeback you will have to accumulate a minimum of 10000 poker points a month. This qualifies you as a priority member. There are 4 levels of priority membership,

  • 10000 points = 10% Rakeback
  • 20000 points = 12.5% Rakeback
  • 30000 points = 15% Rakeback
  • 50000 points = 20% Rakeback

Hit these high point levels and you will earn Rakeback on all the real money games you play during the month. Payments are credited to your account every Monday but can take up to 48 hours to show.

Sky Poker Software Download

Sky poker is available to download onto your desktop computer. The download offers all the features and functionality of the website. This hasn’t always been the case. Sky has now upgraded and improved the download making it a much better experience for the player.

The graphics are crisper and the sound is better. There are quite a few new features now available, you can resize the tables, reserve your favourite seat, auto top up your table balances and quite a few more.

Sky Poker promises a lot more new features to come. If you want to install the download an up to date browser (internet explorer 9 or above) is a prerequisite. You will also need to install Adobe AIR, this is the equivalent of Adobe Flash Player, but is specifically designed for your desktop. Once installed you can now go ahead and open a new user account or login with your website details and head for the tables.


Press "Download" . Install the app by clicking on the downloaded file.


When the installation file has launched, press "Run".


Then press "Install".


Installation might take a few minutes.

Deposit and Withdraw Options At Sky Poker

Before you can start to play real money games a minimum deposit of £10 is required. Sky will accept 3 different cards at a time. A tool that could prove useful is the deposit limit. You can set a limit to the amount you can deposit, this can be done daily, weekly or monthly. Changing the limit is simple, lowering it will take effect immediately, raising your limit requires a 24-hour wait before it takes effect. Withdrawals are set at a £10 minimum and will take 2 to 5 days to appear in your account. You can specify which card you want your withdrawal to be credited to but Sky’s 'net deposit limit' may come into effect. Simply put it will aim to keep your cards as close to £0 as possible, so at times your withdrawal may be split between two cards to try and achieve this.

Payment method
Deposit / Withdrawal
Processing time
Min. limit
Max. limit
Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours


Sky Poker Overview

  • Good sign up and loyalty rewards.
  • The possibility of playing live on Sky TV
  • Access to high stakes tournaments.
  • Decent prizes for some cashless games.
  • Automatic registration for rewards.
  • Not as many players as other popular sites.
  • Tables are only busy at peak times.
  • Poker points are time-limited, use them or lose them.
  • A lot of unfavourable reviews
Poker rake
Rake Back