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Online Betting Sites With Cricket for Bettors in Kenya


Cricket games are organized in terms of tournament, leagues, dates and time. The enlisted leagues are International, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.


Betpawa prioritises cricket matches based on popularity, timing and countries. This makes it easier for the bettor to gather information on which team to bet on and kick-off time.


The games are classified into countries and timing. Each country has leagues for easier sorting. It has one of the best odds for cricket.

Bet Yetu

Bet Yetu lists down all cricket matches according to time. So far, it is the only cricket betting site with more than 2 betting probabilities.

Due to the nature of the game, the odds provided are low as compared to other sports.

Bonuses for Bettors in Kenya - Welcome Bonuses, Free Bets and Bonus Codes

The competitiveness of gambling in Kenya has made it easier for bettors to get rewards for loyalty and referrals. These offers and bonuses can be categorized into 2 broad areas; The Inception and The Experience.

The Inception covers the bonuses and free bets rewarded to new bettors and referees. Sportpesa, Betin, and Mcheza give a maximum of Ksh. 100 for a bettor who introduces a new gamer into the platform. Betpawa offers Ksh. 25 free on the first bet for a specific game. 1xbet gives 100% deposit bonus (but not exceeding Ksh. 10,000) on 1st deposits.

The Experience offers unique products. Shabiki auto-bets for its customers: a system generated betting basing on previous results between the teams, league position and current sporting form. Betin offers a cash-back service that allows a bettor to withdraw a bet midway at a fee. Mcheza sportsbook gives up to 50% bonus on over 10 games won on multi-bets and up to 50% refund on multi-bets with over 7 games won. Other offers include over 13 probabilities which offer a bigger pool for gaming.

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Mobile Betting in Kenya

With the advent of smartphones, betting is utterly simplified. All the betting companies have mobile phone applications where betting takes place. To make it simpler, the mobile money revolution in Kenya converge all the betting activities on the phone. This can be viewed in two ways, the smartphone betting and the feature phone betting. For the smartphone betting, the application gives the player the choice, odds, and probabilities where you click on your preferred bet and submit. The feature phone betting relies on the newspapers and television adverts where the odds are printed out. It used a specific format of text messages for betting. These two ways form the most significant number of all bets realize. Currently, the most popular feature with mobile betting is the live betting. This makes it possible for the bettor to follow through the games and get the maximum out of their investment.

Alternative Links for the World's Best Betting Sites From Kenya

An alternative link is a site where the bookmaker redirects betting traffic from countries where gambling is strictly regulated or censored. These links offer a safe gambling site away from the prying eyes of local authorities. The main difference is that the primary URL is different from the mother site or even a sub-site within another bookmaker. In Kenya, due to the increase in taxes from 7.5% to 35%, local betting sites have acquired alternative links for their gamers.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the world’s most renowned gambling site with customers all over the world. William Hill is the alternative to Sportpesa because it can accept payment from Kenya (via Skrill), and has a rich gambling and betting history globally for over 80 years. Signing up to Sportpesa is the same as signing into William Hill.


As one of the biggest online bookmakers in the world, 1xbet has a mirror site which is updated daily to act as the alternative link for its customers.

Esport Betting in Kenya

This a majorly contemporary gaming mode in Kenya, mostly privately owned. It mostly features the FIFA soccer series with an addition of few other war-like games. There are gaming arenas each fitted with screens and control boards and keypads. Betting is placed by individual players where winning is pegged on how good a player is. Otherwise, there are other e-sport activities organized pitching teams from within and without. In Africa, it is pioneered by bookmakers in Nigeria who are banking on the love of sports to create an African Gaming Hub. They design tournaments pitching like-minded countries and compete for honours. The reward for winning is the price money fronted by the tournament organizers.

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All bookmakers accept Kenya Shillings because the mode of payment is electronic. The mobile money platforms are run in Kenya shillings. Betting in shops also accept currency in Kenya Shilling as it is the legal accepted tender. However, some casino gamers accept payment in US dollars, British pounds, gold and material goods (cars, ornaments, trading shares, land) as long as it is accepted by both parties.

Which Bookmakers Accept Shillings

Opening a Betting Account in Kenya

You can get an account in 2 ways basing on your accessibility; through a short message service or the website. For the short message service, you send a specific message to a specific code for registration. The bookmaker sends the instructions and log-in details to access the service. For Sportpesa, you send “ACCEPT” to 79079, for Betin, send “JOIN” to 29456. Signing up through the website needs your mobile phone number and email address. You go to the betting homepage, read through the instruction and sign-up. Your mobile phone number acts as your account number and the link between your account and the mobile money platform. This is the link where all deposits and payouts are transacted. The email address is the code-word used to log into your account.

How to Make a Deposit to a Betting Site in Kenya

The different betting site has different shortcode system for depositing money into the account using a Paybill from the mobile money service providers. The process is similar in nearly all betting sites, save for the unique Paybill numbers. For MPESA Users, the following is the process of depositing money into the betting account;-

  1. Go to the MPESA Menu
  2. Click on “Lipa na MPESA”
  3. Click on the “Pay Bill” option
  4. Click on “Enter Business No” and key in the unique business number for the betting site (955100/955700 – Sportpesa, 997270 – Betin, 295525 – Mcheza, 290020 – Betpawa, 290027 - 1xbet…)
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Enter the MPESA PIN
  7. Click on OK.
  8. You will get a confirmation text acknowledging receipt of the money into the betting account
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Enjoy Your Bets and Gamble Responsibly

In as much as betting is regulated in Kenya, the choice to bet is an individual responsibility. It should not cloud the judgment of responsive living. It is a probability game and should be taken as such.