5 Simple Ways How To Access Gambling Sites if Blocked by Country

Governments worldwide are focusing on gambling. They are adding stricter controls on the gambling websites people can access by initiating blocks on them. However, there are options available for those who wish to access and bet at these sites. Here are some of these ways.

Alternative Links and Mirror Sites

The mirror sites and alternative links are like clone sites of their original ones. For those who stay in countries where online betting is prohibited or are travelling to one, some of the online websites have set up alternative links and sites that enable people from these nations to access and bet anytime they want.

Using VPN Services

The system sets up a connection that is channelled through the user’s ISP (internet service provider, through to a virtual private network service or a computer with open internet access. People use this method to access censured gambling websites. For instance, if a user is connected to a UK VPN, all their network traffic will pass through the United Kingdom on an encrypted connection.

Browsers Extensions

These are plug-in that extends the functionality of web browsers. Many web browsers have an online store where users can find and view a list of the popular VPN extensions. Users can open and install an extension of their choice and set it to a country that has lax laws about gambling. With the VPN running, it will unblock the gambling site, and the user can get full access to gamble to their heart’s content. Some plug-ins have free versions that give users an allotment of a certain amount of data to use. For unlimited service, they have to pay a fee.

Access to Betting Sites From Mobile Devices

Many of the top-rated betting website operators have made their entire sites fully accessible as well as compatible with mobile devices. The operators provide the users with customer support, applications and promotions. Many punters use them to wager on their favourite betting sites. VPNs are also used to unblock gambling websites on these devices.