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What Is Online Casino Site Alternative Links Or Mirror Site?

If you live in one of the many countries where online gambling is outright banned or where access is highly restricted, you will find that there are many cases where you are unable to access online casinos. With alternative links and mirror sites, you can get around this, though you may have to make several attempts in order to succeed.

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One of the biggest and most popular online casino sites is 888 casino. There are a great number of alternative links available to access this casino from anywhere in the world. These links are safe and secure and allow you to freely access the website without your server blocking you. A mirror site is basically a replica of the original website. It is exactly the same as the original you want to access, the only thing that changes is the name of the URL. So, if a certain URL is blocked from your country, or the website blocks residents from your country from accessing their site, a mirror site is a perfect solution.

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Online Casinos In The Ratings And Their Bonuses

The ratings of online casinos are constantly changing, and with the new year comes a new list ranking the web gambling sites available on the web. One of the best sites with great bonuses is online sport better 1xbet, a site that constantly thrives in the ratings. Here you can find 1xbet casino alternative link and bonuses. Other online casinos with consistently high ratings are bet365, Pokerstars, Omni Slots and Slotty Vegas Casino. Each site offers a different bonus to attract players, and these are always changing. Usually, the bonus is offered when opening an account and placing your first bet.

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Countries With Restrictions To Online Casinos

There are a great number of countries that restrict residents from accessing online casinos, especially those that are hosted outside of the country. Some of these include Cyprus, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, China, the United States, Belarus, Korea and Japan.

Why Countries Blocked Access To Online Casinos?

Many countries block access to online casinos because they are hosted outside of the country and they are unable to be monitored by their governments. This means that online gambling that is technically illegal within a certain country could be taking place and that they cannot do anything about it, since they have no way to shut down the online casino. To avoid problems and to stop their residents using these sites and spending money on unregulated offshore casinos, the easy option is to simply block all access to them.

Situation With Online Casinos In India

India has a big gambling and betting culture and its large population makes it one of the most important countries in the world of online casinos. Its annual gambling market is worth around $60 billion, though there are technically only 4 states within India in which gambling is legal, and even then, it is heavily regulated. When it comes to online casinos in India, the situation is even more complicated and it can be very difficult to understand since the laws in place simply do not talk about the internet. As such, it can be assumed that online gambling is classed as illegal in India, and for that reason there are no online casinos hosted here.

The biggest problem that most Indians face when it comes to online gambling is that their banks decline transactions on online casinos. This means that they are basically unable to gamble using traditional payment methods like MasterCard or Visa, and have to search for other, discreet methods of making payments so their banks do not find out and block the transaction.

Situation With Online Casinos In Kenya

Online gambling has become quite a big deal in Kenya. Offline gambling is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board in Kenya, who are constantly monitoring casinos and checking that they are abiding by the laws, though this has not quite extended to online casinos as of yet, since as yet there are no Kenyan online casinos in existence. As such, Kenyans who like to gamble on the internet use offshore online casinos that are operated from outside of Kenya. This is technically illegal, though the laws are not really enforced and the government do not block offshore online casino websites.

Situation With Online Casinos In Nigeria

Nigeria has many different gambling laws that can be very confusing for those who want to gamble within the country. Some types of gambling are permitted, others are not, and so on. With regards to online casinos, things are a little clearer, since there are no laws in place to properly monitor gambling activity, meaning that it is outright prohibited for anybody to operate a an online casino within Nigeria, and they could face prosecution if caught. This rule does not apply to gamblers though, who are able to gamble and play on online casinos that are hosted outside of Nigeria, since there are no laws stating otherwise. The problem that many Nigerian gamblers find is that there are few offshore online casinos that actually accept players from Nigeria, making it difficult for them to find somewhere to play.

Situation With Online Casinos In the USA

Online gambling has been a popular topic within the USA since the 90s, with legalisation constantly changing regarding online casinos. Running an online casino within the USA is complicated and individual state laws must be abided by, as gambling is taken very seriously and is highly regulated. Each American state has its own rules and laws in place, and online casinos can be shut down or prosecuted if these laws are not abided by. Due to these complications and the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, a huge number of online casinos and betting sites have simply stopped offering their services to American citizens, with big-name operators suspending their operations within the USA. This means that it can be difficult to Americans to legally access many online casinos.

Situation With Online Casinos In Russia

It should come as no surprise that online gambling in Russia is a touchy subject and one that has caused big problems for its government. In 2009, gambling was made completely illegal throughout the country, with all casinos being shut down and forced to close their doors. In the end, Russian is left with just four regions where you can legally gamble. This law applies to online casinos, too. In an extreme move, Russia outright banned every kind of online gambling in 2006. It has even blocked domains of gambling websites so that residents have no way of accessing them online. Those that are caught gambling on or offline could be fined a small amount of money, though typically the government target the owners of the casinos and websites, rather than the gamblers.

Situation With Online Casinos In Canada

The subject of online gambling is something of a grey area in Canada, though the general consensus is that it falls under provincial jurisdiction. In theory, online gambling and casinos are technically legal in Canada, and many provinces have their own websites where residents can legally bet money and gamble. The problem starts with online casinos that are hosted outside of Canada. Whether or not Canadian residents can legally bet money through them is a grey area, especially as the laws and regulations vary from province to province. The consensus is, though, that it is not illegal for Canadians to use online casinos and play traditional games on the internet.

Situation With Online Casinos In Australia

Lots of people get confused regarding the real answer to the question of the legality of online casinos in Australia, but it is currently not legal to gamble or bet real money online in the country. This includes casinos, poker, betting websites and even bingo. As of September 2017, the Australian government declared that gambling money online is totally prohibited, and there can be consequences for those caught constantly accessing such sites and services, as well as for those who run the casino websites. This law does not apply to offline gambling, though, and there are a number of legally run casinos within Australia.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use Alternative Link?

You may be put off by the idea of alternative links and mirror sites. It is normal to be wary of them, especially when you are gambling, sharing confidential data and making payments and other transactions through them. You want to be reassured that they are legit and that they are safe and legal to use. The good news is that they are totally safe and secure to use, and there is no way that anybody can access your data. They are exact replicas of the original site and come with all the security that the original online casino offers. The legality of these websites may be a grey area, but the question of legality is a problem for the host of the URL, not for the person accessing them, so you should not worry at all.
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When Should I Use Alternative Link For Online Casinos?

Alternative links should only be used when you cannot access the original page of the online casino. This usually happens because your country blocks its access, or because the casino blocks your access due to complicated laws and regulations in your country. Remember that online casinos always welcome new visitors, and they don't really care how you access their website. If it was up to them, they would have no restrictions whatsoever.

What Is Better Mirror Site Or Vpn Software For Online Casinos?

VPN software essentially means you are browsing through a private network and can be anonymous online. It hides your internet activity from your ISP, and in turn, means that the government are unable to see or trace your activity. This means easy access to any censored sites, making the software ideal for those wanting to gamble online and access online casinos. You can change your location whenever you want, and you are afforded way more freedom while using the internet. This is ultimately a more secure and easier way to gamble online than using a mirror site, though you may have to pay some kind of membership fee, while mirror sites are totally free. The problem with mirror sites is that they may suddenly stop working, and you may find it difficult of find an active mirror site for your favourite online casino.