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Online Betting Sites With Football for Bettors in Canada

Canadians are some of the most dedicated and devoted sports on earth. Despite the fact that Ice Hockey is the most popular game in Canada, there are several other sports including football, which is also huge in all the Canadian provinces. Top performing Canadian online betting sites with football include Betway, Guts and 888 Sports. Betway is also another top performing, international betting company, which operates throughout the world.

Bonuses for Bettors in Canada - Welcome Bonuses, Free Bets and Bonus Codes

Canada sportsbooks owe, most of their wide acceptance, to the fact that they provide free bets as per there counterparts in USA Sportsbooks. Apart from attracting a huge number of new bettors, free bets also encourage the new bettors to begin placing their bets on various sports events. Players will find numerous free bets and welcome bonuses at some of the leading sportsbooks. Nonetheless, players are encouraged to read the terms and conditions, before signing up.

Betway, which offers a sign-up bonus of up to 200 dollars, alongside comprehensive free statistics and high odds. Sports Interaction offers an exclusive bonus of up to 100 dollars, while William Hill offers a first bet bonus of up to 100 dollars.

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Mobile Betting in Canada

There are numerous sports bets applications, which allow betting fans in Canada to place bets, on the spot. Furthermore, it is much easier than before to find the desired market; thus users can easily place wagers on a wide range of devices. One of the leading betting application in Canada is the Sports Interaction betting application.

The Sports Interaction betting app, allows sports lovers to place bets while on the go. Currently, the Sports Interaction betting app is now available for iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Android devices.

William Hill is another mobile betting application that allows Canadians to access a range of betting markets. The layout of the menu is logical and finding a specific market is much simpler than before, thus users can easily place their bets.

Alternative Links for the World's Best Betting Sites From Canada

Due to the advancement in technology and the changes in trends, access to the internet is not a challenge. Nonetheless, for individuals who reside in various countries such as Italy, Ukraine, and South Korea, visiting a betting company or website can be quite challenging. Various local government use censorship to restrict betting and access to various betting websites. However, a majority of the gambling websites have mirrors, which allow the users to access their platforms. Nonetheless, the only difference that the mirrors have from the original website is their domain address.

Esport Betting in Canada

Esport is the fastest growing gambling sports. A majority of the sportsbooks in Canada and throughout the world have claimed that eSports are about to move to the fourth position when it comes to the number of bets struck. Thus, millions of people including Canadians are playing eSports and placing bets on the actions.

League of Legends is the most popular eSports, with 100 million people playing the game. In the year 2017, approximately 173,000 people watched the Intel Extreme Masters Championships, held in Poland. The number of viewers was two times more than those who witnessed the super bowl.

Majority of the best eSports sites accept bets on all the popular games. Nonetheless, there are three games, which have captured the public’s imagination; League of Legends, CS: GO and DOTA 2. All these three games own more than 85 percent of the market share.

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Which Bookmakers Accept Canadian Dollars

Numerous sportsbooks are more than ready to take your bet. Nonetheless, as a Canadian, it is important to look for a sportsbook that receives deposits in Canadian Dollars and allows the user to make bets using their Canadian Dollars account. Majority of the sports betting sites allows users to place their bets in other currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars, and the British Pound. This, in turn, means that the Canadian Dollars balance is converted into one of these currencies. Nonetheless, during the conversion process, will incur a 5% conversion fee. To avoid such charges, it is advisable to place your bets on sites, which accept Canadian dollars.

Opening a Betting Account in Canada

In many of the countries throughout the world, it is quite simple to place a sports bet online. Nonetheless, in Canada, it can be a little bit tricky, considering the fact that there are various laws, which prohibit several sports gambling. Canadian betting websites cover all the four major sports in North America including football, basketball, football, and hockey. Always ensure that you open an account with a reputable betting company.

Some of the reputable betting companies in Canada include William Hill, Marathon Bet, Pinnacle and many others. Furthermore, you should also ensure that the company you will be signing up with is registered and allowed to operate in Canada. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will receive a welcome email and a sign-up bonus. Many at times, the sign-up bonus is redeemable after the first successful deposit.

How to Make a Deposit to a Betting Site in Canada

For a majority of the Canadian sports betting fans, the easiest way to make a deposit is using a debit card or a credit card. Majority of the leading betting sites accept Visa and MasterCard. Users can make their deposits using a pre-paid card or a main card. In some cases, users can also make deposits directly from their bank account to the sportsbook using Interac e-transfer or a Visa Debit.

Many of the betting companies accept personal cheques too. After winning, there are numerous withdrawal options, which are available to the user. Users can either receive their winnings by the same method that they used to deposit cash or as a paper cheque. As the Canadian betting fans grow in number, the number of betting websites that are willing to accept their wagers grow as well.

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Enjoy Your Bets and Gamble Responsibly

Gambling online should not only be fun but also entertaining as well. When users gamble responsibly, they are going to enjoy a past time, shared by millions of people across the world. Placing bets at your favorite betting site or sports book should be exciting, fun and brings a thrill, which is hard to find anywhere else. Nonetheless, for some individuals, this can be a little difficult to handle and will require a strong will and self-discipline.