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No Deposit And Sign Up Bonuses for Online Casinos in Russia

Online casinos welcome the Russian players with bonuses so grand that the punters soon forget the risk they have taken and plunge wholly into the game. There are two significant welcome gifts, No deposit bonus, and sign up bonus.

The No deposit bonus is the casinos' way of proving to these ardent punters that the games they provide are worth the taken risk. The players can use the bonuses to learn the practical details of the games and determine if it will be profitable to deposit their hard-earned Rubles with the casino. They are also allowed to play for real money and keep the winning. However, most casinos make cashing out such earnings close to impossible with a wagering requirement of as high 100 times.

The second gift for Russians playing on offshore casinos is the sign-up bonus or welcome deposit bonus. The casinos award the players with a match bonus in proportion to their first deposits. The bonus can be as high as 100% and seasoned with several free spins, which are distributed through the days following the first deposit. They can run for ten days or even a month, depending on the generosity of the casino in question.

It is important, however, to point out that all casinos have terms and conditions that determine the eligibility and use of these bonuses. Players should understand these regulations before giving in to the enticement of the offers.

Alternative Links For The World's Best Online Casinos From Russia

It is now clear that no one in Russia can directly access the websites of any online casinos. How then do they do it? The answer lies in what has become known as mirror or alternative links. They are optional URLs that lead to the casino's main site or alternative site. They are used in all countries where the original URL is blocked.

This site provides alternative links that players from Russia can use to access the best online casinos in the world.

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Can Online Casinos Be Accessed via Mobile Devices In Russia

The use of mobile devices to access the internet has grown so rapidly, that the platform is considered as the future of online gambling. Russia is by no means left out. Nearly 90% of adult Russians own a smartphone. Again, almost all the reputable online casinos have mobile versions of their websites. Russian players can access these casinos via the browser on their mobile devices or use mobile apps. Most of the apps can be downloaded safely and for free from the casino's main website. The introduction of online gaming on the mobile platform has made it easier for punters to enjoy their favourite games anytime anywhere. With the explosion of Wi-Fi and low-cost internet data, they can visit their casino during breaks at work, when commuting or while taking a nature walk in the beautiful prairies of Russia. All they need to worry about is the security of their connection, which should not be an issue when using alternative links. Read on to find more about these links.

Are Online Casinos In Russia Legal?

The history of Russia is marked with exciting romantic escapades between its legislation and games of chance. As it appears, the country's stand on gambling has always depended on the regime in force. The first legalization was back in the 17th century Tsar Peter the Great commissioned the first national lottery. Before this, gambling was simply a pastime. Communist regime ended all this bliss in 1928, and it remained so until 1988 when it was again legalized.

Gambling flourished for nearly two decades insomuch that there were 70,000 slot machines, 2,000 gaming rooms and 58 casinos in Moscow alone. Again, the golden period was brought to an abrupt end by the current regime that legalized all forms of games of chance. By 2017, it prohibited all forms of online gambling in the country except four designated zones.

In spite of the stringent legislation, there is no written law prohibiting individuals from playing on online casinos. The government too alludes to this in practice as it has ploughed a lot of resource on blocking international casinos but has never prosecuted players.

So is it legal to play in Russia? Technically, yes but no one will sue a player if they can find their way around the restrictions and blockages.

Online Casino Banking Options in Russia

Russia took its fight against gambling to another level in February 2017 by introducing a law that aims at keeping banks from processing transactions made to international gambling sites. It means that it may no longer be possible to use common Methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Direct Bank transfers and Wire Transfers.

The use of Bitcoins is also prohibited in the country. However, players can still use e-wallets such as Neteller, Moneta.Ru, Skrill, and others accepted by respective casinos.

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