Access to 5Dimes Website - See Working Alternative Links

If you’re receiving errors such as “Your request could not be served…” then you are likely blocked from 5Dimes. To access the website, use the following link:

This is a mirror site for 5Dimes that will provide a workaround for ISP and restrictions from local authorities. So, you’ll be able to register and login to the sportsbook using this link. Then you’ll be able to place bets on your favourite sports.

5Dimes Free Bets, Bonuses and Other Offers via Mirror Sites - Working Bonus Codes

Claiming free bets, bonuses, offers, and bonus codes is an excellent method for increasing your bankroll. You’ll be able to maximise the funds that you deposit because of the extra bets and credits you’ll receive. So, you’ll be able to place more bets for every dollar you put into your 5Dimes account.

Following are a list of bonuses and promotions offered by 5Dimes.

Reduced Juice

Reduced juice enables you to risk less money to win the same amount. You get a better return in terms of the amount you stake on all bets that you win. This will add up over time as you place more and more bets.

5Dimes offers reduced juice options for NCAA Football, NFL, NBA, Canadian Football, NCAA Basketball, MLB, WNBA, PGA golf, Boxing, Grand Slam tennis, and MMA. They are generally made available on the day of the match/event.

To access reduced juice options, login to your account, tap straight and RIF on the menu, then select your sport. From there, you’ll see “reduced” options.

Sportsbook Free-Play Reward

This offer enables you to receive up to $500 dollars in free play for the sportsbook. The amount of your reward depends on the value of your reload and the deposit method you use. To qualify, your reload must be a minimum of $100 and maximum of $2500.

You’ll receive 20% of the reload amount as your bonus.

30% Super Saver Reward

This reward is ideal for players who like to bet on parlays. It also allows you to take advantage of the discounted lines.

The 30% super reward will apply to your wager made across football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, MMA, and tennis. It also means that the -107 pricing will apply to your parlay wins as well. You can apply this pricing for parlays of up to 25 teams.

Sign up Bonus
Available in:
50% Sign up Bonus
Min. Odds
1x Deposit

Access to the 5Dimes Mobile App

Mobile apps allow you to place bets on your favourite sports wherever and whenever you want. You can place bets while travelling, from your home, or while waiting in line for service. However, they do have some drawbacks. Mobile apps tend to be only developed for the iOS and Android platforms. So, people who have phones that don’t use these platforms will have compatibility issues. Mostly, this means people with Windows phones and Blackberries. Also, mobile apps tend to take up a lot of phone memory. Over time, it can have an impact on your phone’s performance causing it to lag. Fortunately, you won’t have these problems with 5Dimes since they don’t provide a mobile app. Instead, they use a mobile-friendly website. The website is mobile-responsive which means it will work on any phone regardless of the type of mobile device and operating system. It also adapts to any screen size. So, you can either play on your smartphone or tablet. To access the 5Dimes mobile website, you’ll need to navigate your web browser to the following URL: From there, you can register, login, and begin placing bets with the sportsbook.
Average payout

5Dimes Betting Odds & Markets

5Dimes offers a very extensive list of betting markets. Their betting markets include:
  • Straight Bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers and Progressives
  • If-Bets
  • Reverses
  • Rolling If-bets
  • Totals
  • Point Buying
  • Round Robins
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Pleasers
  • Office Pools
These betting markets also allow for highly customizable wagers. With such an extensive list of betting markets, you’ll always be able to get action on your favourite sport with your desired type of wager. The odds offered at 5Dimes are also very competitive. As mentioned earlier, they even offer discounts on their lines. So the return that you get from every wager will be greater than if you were betting on other sportsbooks. This adds up in the long run if you make a lot of bets.

5Dimes Live Betting and Live Streaming

Live betting and live streaming enable you to place bets while the action is happening live. This gives you the opportunity to place wagers based on your own views on how the game is progressing. The odds better reflect the live action as well.

Live streaming


Live betting

For contact sports, odds are updated in between rounds. For other types of sports, the in-play options are typically updated during the advertising breaks. To place a live in-play wager, login to your account. Then tap “straight & RIF” on the side menu. You’ll see a list of sports. Select the sport you desire and then tap “live in-play”. You’ll see a list of options for you to choose from. Then place your bet!

Other live betting options include Live Betting extra and Live Betting Ultra.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at 5Dimes

Being able to quickly and efficiently deposit funds into your account and withdraw your winnings is the sign of a good sportsbook. You don’t want to miss out on placing a live bet because your deposit takes too long to process. Also, you don’t want to wait a long time to spend your winnings because a withdrawal is being held up.

Payment method
Deposit / Withdrawal
Processing time
Min. limit
Max. limit
Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours

Paying out
up to 0 hours


5Dimes Overview

  • Customizable wagers and a huge list of betting markets
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal times
  • Has been in business since 1999
  • Offers reduced juice markets
  • Better odds when compared to most other sportsbooks
  • Interface slightly outdated
  • Users have reported reduced juice markets are removed if you’re a bettor who makes profits

5dimes India Review:

5Dimes is a great way for Indian users to access an online sportsbook from India with highly customizable betting markets. The downsides for Indian users is that they don’t accept rupees and verification can be an issue if names don’t match legal documents.

Is it safe and legal in India to bet through 5dimes:

India doesn’t have a specific law that bans online gambling for its citizens. Therefore it’s a grey area. However, they are able to play at offshore sportsbooks such as 5Dimes without any repercussions. There haven’t been any reports of issues with this.

Does 5dimes accept the local currency in India:

5Dimes doesn’t accept rupees. Deposits using debit cards are charged in USD so you may incur foreign exchange fees from your card provider.

Rupees US dollar Canadian dollar Australian dollar Shillings Rubles Naira

Opening a 5dimes Account in India:

People from India are able to open a 5Dimes account from their country without issue. You will need to ensure that the name provided when registering is the same on your legal id. Also, ensure that the phone number provided is correct and valid. Finally, when making redemption requests you must have a verified account. To verify your account you will need to have a scanned coloured picture ID that is government issued. A scanned coloured utility bill that has a matching address to the one you entered when registering. Scanned copy of the front side of the card you used to deposit funds.

5dimes USA Review:

 5Dimes is an excellent sportsbook for US residents. Many US sports are covered and the wide array of betting markets means you will always find action on a game, with the kind of wager that you desire.

Is it safe and legal in USA to bet through 5dimes:

Online sports betting is legal with companies who are licensed in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. However, many offshore companies provide sportsbooks to US players. This is a grey area and there is no official federal ruling. 5Dimes is an offshore entity located in Costa Rica. So far, there has been no reported issues with sports betting with the company.

Does 5dimes accept the local currency in USA:

5Dimes accepts US dollars through all their payment methods: Debit card, Wire transfer, and more. So, you won’t incur foreign exchange fees when making a deposit.
Rupees US dollar Canadian dollar Australian dollar Shillings Rubles Naira

Opening a 5dimes Account in USA:

 People from the USA are able to open a 5Dimes account without any problems. Make sure you use the name that is on your legal ID and provide a phone number that is valid.

5dimes Canada Review:

 5Dimes is a suitable sportsbook for Canadian users. Sports that are popular with Canadians are well represented and include NHL and Canadian football. They also accept Canadian dollars through Skrill.

Is it safe and legal in Canada to bet through 5dimes:

 Apart from sportsbooks run by the provincial government sports betting is illegal in Canada. However, since 5Dimes is an offshore entity located in Costa Rica this is outside of their jurisdiction. So, betting on 5Dimes is safe for Canadians.

Does 5dimes accept the local currency in Canada:

5Dimes accepts Canadian dollars through the deposit method Skrill. However, if you use other methods such as debit cards or wire transfer you may incur a currency conversion fee.
Rupees US dollar Canadian dollar Australian dollar Shillings Rubles Naira

Opening a 5dimes Account in Canada:

 People from Canada can open a 5Dimes account without encountering any hurdles. Ensure you use the same name that is on your legal id and supply a valid phone number.
50% Sign up Bonus
Min. Odds
1 x Deposit